Dalhousie's Orientation Week runs from Sunday, September 6th to Wednesday, September 9th. These four days are all about meeting new people, expanding your comfort zone, getting acquainted with your new community, and having a great time! We’re going to be introducing you to Dalhousie the best way we know how as true maritimers; east coast style! So welcome aboard and get ready to rock the boat!!!

Move InSunday 9am

At 9am you can start moving into your new home! Your O-Week leaders should be close by, ready to introduce themselves and help you with your things. Your O-Week leaders will also be able to tell you where to meet next so you can head to the Field Party with the rest of your group for lunch.

RegistrationSunday 9am

You’ll want to get your O-Week Kit right away to avoid long lines. Make sure you get this before heading to the Field Party. This is also the perfect time to grab your DalCard. You could even throw it on a lanyard! Nothing says "university" better than a lanyard!

Meet n`GreetSunday 11:30am

This is your first chance to meet up with your O-Week Leaders and Residence Assistants. Your house will be meeting in a designated spot that will be determined by you leaders! Make sure to check in with them to find out where you will be meeting up!

Where: Ask your Leaders!
What to Bring: Dal Card, and your awesome new T-Shirt found in your O-Week Kit!

Field PartySunday 12:30 pm

The Field Party has everything you need, like bouncy castles and dance-offs on The Bridge, or if you need to cool off take a trip splash Overboard! If that doesn’t sound like your scene, don’t worry, we’ve also got plenty of other options in The Cabin, or jump to Treasure Island to meet your fellow students! If your newly acquired Tiger hunger kicks in, take a trip into one of our many on-board eateries for some free BBQ (and much more)!
Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, fancy new t-shirt (you'll get it with your O-Week Kit), it's a good idea to leave your phone at home along with anything else you don't want getting wet - this could get messy!

HousewarmingSunday 5pm

Welcome Home! Take this opportunity to get familiar with your residence community- this will be your home for the next 9 months after all. Housewarming will run some icebreakers and activities that will help you get to know your Residence Assistants, and your new home! You’ll also be introduced to the rules and procedures of residence living. ResLife staff can’t wait to meet you!

Not living in res? Don’t worry- we’ve got other things for you do to!

Where: Your place/the SUB for those of you living off-campus
Bring: DalCard

Opening CeremoniesSunday 7pm

This is your official welcome to O-Week 2015! You`ll have the chance to show your house spirit, meet your fellow new students, and earn some supremacy points for your house. This is a chance to show your Dal spirit in a big way and wave your house flag high!

Where: Studley Quad
What to Bring:
Your Dal Card, School Spirit!

Rock the BoatSunday 8 pm

Were excited to introduce you to Dalhousie in the best way we know how, East Coast style! This outdoor concert will be giving you a taste of what it's like to be a maritimer. With an awesome band, great music, and tons of stuff to do, this concert is definitely going to rock the boat!

Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, and some nautical swag!

Grawood Sampler Sunday 8:30pm

In the Grawood (your campus bar which will be dry during O-Week) we have a lower-key event planned for those who prefer something a little more chill than Rocking the Boat. You’ll get to experience all the great things the Grawood has to offer like Trivia and Open Mic and much more!

Move In
Sunday 9am
Sunday 9am
Meet n`Greet
Sunday 11:30am
Field Party
Sunday 12:30 pm
Sunday 5pm
Opening Ceremonies
Sunday 7pm
Rock the Boat
Sunday 8 pm
Grawood Sampler
Sunday 8:30pm
Morning YogaMonday 8am

For those who like to start their day off with mindfulness and movement, meet us in the Quad for an hour before we move into the more hectic parts of our lives. These sessions will be hosted by Halifax’s own Breathing Space Yoga Studio.

Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, comfortable clothing, water

DAL 101Monday 9:30am

This is your chance to get a glimpse at what being a Dalhousie Tiger will mean to YOU! Come find out about everything Dal has to offer, from clubs and societies to Zumba classes; from Study Skills workshops to exchange and study abroad opportunities. Explore an array of campus resources (while eating a delicious pancake breakfast) and then choose your favourite interactive workshops to attend! Will you decide to learn more about “Halifax’s Hidden Treasures” or will you get some tips on how to “Ace Your First Month on Campus”? The choice is yours!

Where: The Rowe
What to Bring: Dal Card, and anything you'll need for Dalympics!

Cheer OffMonday 1pm

The Cheer Off is an O-Week favourite! We`ll see which house can show off their pride the best! Each house will get their chance to show off their most creative, most elaborate, and loudest cheer. Remember that you could make it to the finals so having a second cheer in your back pocket is a definite must!

Where: TBD
Bring: DalCard

DalympicsMonday 2:30pm

Let the games begin! We’ve got blind volleyball, dodgeball, an inflatable obstacle course, and so much more! You choose which events you want to participate in along with your house. Supremacy points will be awarded throughout the day, so the more you participate, the closer you are to the coveted house cup!

Where: Begins in the Dalplex
Bring: DalCard, water, sunscreen, running shoes, swimsuit & towel, Dal/House swag

Art Attack Monday 2pm

High energy not your thing? No worries we have you covered with this awesome low key event. Come to the quad and contribute to one of many blank canvases. get creative with your hands, paint brushes, or anything else you can find!

Where: The Quad
What to Bring: Dalcard, Dress in clothes you don't mind getting messy!

Sex TalkMonday 7pm

Halifax’s Venus Envy will be hosting this educational yet entertaining event. This will be sex ed unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Be prepared for a little nervous laughter and a lot of questions answered!

Where: The McInnes
Bring: DalCard, cell phone (so you can tweet questions!)

Choose your own adventure..Monday 9pm

Get together with your house or grab a few new friends and check our as many activities as you'd like. Tonight's an opportunity to explore your own interests, see different places on campus and try out something new.
Laser Tag - McInnes Room (Student Union Building)
Sex Toy Bingo - Grawood (Student Union Building)
Coffee House - Shirreff Hall Cafeteria
Ghost Tours - Citadel Hill Clock Tower (Meet at the Student Union Building)
Glow in the Dark Frisbee - Studley Quad
Board Game Café - Gerard Hall Lounge

Morning Yoga
Monday 8am
DAL 101
Monday 9:30am
Cheer Off
Monday 1pm
Monday 2:30pm
Art Attack
Monday 2pm
Sex Talk
Monday 7pm
Choose your own adventure..
Monday 9pm
Morning YogaTuesday 8am

For those who like to start their day off with mindfulness and movement, meet us in the Quad for an hour before we move into the more hectic parts of our lives. These sessions will be hosted by Halifax’s own Breathing Space Yoga Studio.

Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, comfortable clothing, water

Faculty OrientationsTuesday 9am

Each faculty is hosting a unique event to welcome their new students. This is when you’ll learn about where your classes are and what your program is going to be like. You might even meet a classmate who can help you get through first year psych (no promises)! Plus, there will be lunch at the end!

Where: Ask your leaders or RA's or check the First Year Handout
Bring: DalCard

Induction CeremonyTuesday 12:30 pm

This is your official welcome into the Dalhousie family! At this event, the top administrators come in to talk to you about what an awesome decision you made in coming to Dal! You’ll also be entertained with some live music and receive some cool Dal swag.

Where: The Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
Bring: DalCard

HFXploreTuesday 1:30pm

HFXplore is an Amazing Race style event where your house group will compete against other houses for supremacy points. Each team will make their way across Halifax, following clues and completing challenges, racing to be the first one across the finish line. This is a fun chance to learn all about the city and what it has to offer!

Where: Begins at Sexton Field
Bring: DalCard (which is also your bus pass), water, comfortable clothing and footwear

Tiger TalksTuesday 7pm

At this event you can expect to be listening, sharing, and dreaming with your new Dal Fam! The night begins in the SUB (Student Union Building) with an innovative and interactive talk from several awesome and inspiring speakers, that will be sure to inspire you, and get you excited for your first year at Dal!

Where: The Student Union Building
What to Bring: Dalcard

Outdoor Film ScreeningTuesday 8:30pm

The Atlantic Film Festival will be hosting us for an awesome movie night! There will be a huge screen and an awesome movie being shown.

Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, some blankets and pillows to watch on!

Show Your Stripes!Tuesday 9:00pm

Come have a good time with us Dal Tiger style! We encourage you to show us your stripes by dressing up in black and gold and heading to the awesome campus bar, the Grawood. You can expect great music and an awesome time, this is a great way to see how Grawood events will be all throughout your time at Dal!

Where: The Grawood (In the Student Union Building)
What to Bring: DalCard

Morning Yoga
Tuesday 8am
Faculty Orientations
Tuesday 9am
Induction Ceremony
Tuesday 12:30 pm
Tuesday 1:30pm
Tiger Talks
Tuesday 7pm
Outdoor Film Screening
Tuesday 8:30pm
Show Your Stripes!
Tuesday 9:00pm
Morning YogaWednesday 8am

For those who like to start their day off with mindfulness and movement, meet us in the Quad for an hour before we move into the more hectic parts of our lives. These sessions will be hosted by Halifax’s own Breathing Space Yoga Studio.

Where: Studley Quad
Bring: DalCard, comfortable clothing, water

Shine Day BreakfastWednesday 8:30am

On Shine Day, in order to thank you in advance for coming out to Shine Day, the Shinerama Committee is going to be setting up a nice breakfast for your enjoyment. Come grab some coffee and a breakfast sandwich courtesy of Freeman's before heading in to the Shine Day Opening Ceremonies!

Shine DayWednesday 9am

Every year we have a blast going out on the town to raise money for cystic fibrosis research. Each house will do their own mini-fundraiser. Past ideas include car washes, musical busking, carrying groceries... the possibilities are endless! This is your chance to explore Halifax and meet the locals, while contributing to a great cause!

Where: Begins in the McInnes Room in the Student Union Building
Bring: DalCard, water, sunscreen, anything that might help you earn some cash (like an instrument or a costume)

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Closing CeremoniesWednesday 7pm

After a long week of house spirit it is will finally be time to announce the winners of the coveted house cup! At these ceremonies you can expect to win awards, cheer for your house, and get your vocal chords warmed up for the big game!

Where: Wickwire field!
Bring: Dal spirit wear!

Rugby GameWednesday 8pm

Come out and cheer on your Dalhousie Men’s Rugby team in an epic battle against Acadia! After a fun-filled week of meeting new people, learning about Halifax, and getting acquainted with your new school, this is the perfect opportunity to let your stripes show!

Where: Wickwire Field
Bring: DalCard, Black & Gold swag to show your spirit!

Our awesome Dalhousie Orientation Week photo doesn't seem to be working. Sorry!
Morning Yoga
Wednesday 8am
Shine Day Breakfast
Wednesday 8:30am
Shine Day
Wednesday 9am
Closing Ceremonies
Wednesday 7pm
Rugby Game
Wednesday 8pm

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