Our 48th Shine Day is Sept. 4th. What creative ways to raise money can you come up with?
These folks (Old Eddy) won Supremacy last year. Will they take it again?
After Jam creates a laid back atmosphere to help you unwind after long day.
We're excited about everything to do with O-Week. Are you?
When O-Week starts to heat up, we've got a water fight to cool you down.


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The Dalhousie Student Union is responsible for planning and running Orientation Week, but they do lots of other things too.

Meet The Team

There’s a large team of people working all summer long to put this week together, and an even larger team on deck in September to show you around.


Shine Day is an O-Week event raising money for Shinerama, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved too.

Photo Gallery

Check out photos from last year’s O-Week, showcasing events like Dalympics, Cheer-Off, Shinerama and the field party, and amp up your excitement!

Welcome to Dalhousie’s Orientation Week 2013!

This September, Dalhousie will be welcoming more than 2500 new students to our campus- and what a welcome it will be! From September 1st – 4th, your Dalhousie Student Union is hosting an Orientation Week you’ll never forget. With events like the opening Field Party, Dalympics, Black & Gold Night, our 48th Shine Day, amazing speakers, and more, we’ll introduce you to our campus, connect you with other students, and kick-start your new academic and social life.

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